Our School

Merivale High School
We would like to acknowledge that our schools are on unceded Algonquin Territory, and thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us on their land.

Our School

Merivale High School offers programs for students in grades 7-12. Our Intermediate Program was launched in 2017 and offers opportunities to students in English and French Immersion as well as extra-curricular experiences with teams and clubs. Our Secondary program offers an extensive array of high quality programs in Fine Arts, Technological Education, University and College pathways as well as outstanding extra-curricular programs.  Most recently, Merivale HS was authorized as an IB World School in June, 2019 to provide the IB Diploma Programme. Read more on our IB tab!

We have a warm and vibrant school climate and a 51 year tradition of promoting a culture of excellence, which balances our proud history with the ability to remain progressive and innovative. Our dedicated and energetic staff members are committed to providing a stimulating learning environment where all students are challenged to reach their full potential. We emphasize the development of essential knowledge and skills, creative and critical thinking, respect for others and respect for the learning process.

Our curricular programs include University, College, French Immersion, Cooperative Education/Apprenticeship Pathways, and Specialist High Skills Major: Communication & Design.

Our extracurricular programs include: an extensive and dynamic athletic program, student led intramural programs, junior and senior bands, drama and musical productions, music council, drama council, athletic council, clubs and a dynamic students’ council.

Our Students

At Merivale, we are very proud of our students and their many achievements.

  • 53% of our graduates were Ontario Scholars (over 80% average)
  • 16% of our graduates were OCDSB Silver Medal Award winners (over 90% avg.)
  • Over 100 Nominations for CAPPIES (Fine Arts/Critics Program) Awards and 43 awards over the past 9 years
  • Outstanding student achievement in Science contests
  • Outstanding student driven fundraisers such as CHEO, Toy Mountain, United Way, Canned Food Drive, Me to We to Tree, and our first Relay for Life in 2016.
  • Grade 12 Extended Immersion students participated in the French for the Future essay writing contest in which six students won scholarships
  • Consistently high achievement in OSSLT
  • Every year numerous pieces of Merivale art are selected for display at the City of Ottawa’s juried Young at Art show with several students that won Young at Art awards for their work
  • Athletic teams compete at all levels, with teams at OFSAA each year
  • Junior and senior concert bands captured silver medals at Music Fest
  • Merivale graphic designs featured in several magazines and newspapers

Our Staff

The staff at Merivale High School takes great pride in the positive relationship we enjoy with our students. Staff members enjoy volunteering time to work with students outside the classroom and we are very active as coaches and supervisors of our numerous teams and clubs.

  • 65 secondary teachers including 7 Department Heads
  • 17 intermediate teachers
  • Spiritual Care Worker
  • University of Ottawa and Queen’s University Associate Teachers
  • Algonquin College Internship Partner
  • 11 Administrative and Support Staff
  • OCDSB Psychologist
  • OCDSB Social Worker
  • OCDSB Behaviour Support Specialist
  • Guidance and Special Education Specialists
  • Rideauwood Counsellor
  • Classroom tutors and extensive extra-help sessions
  • Homework club

Our Community

Our School Council provides a forum for parents and the broader community to share their ideas and hopes for our students. We work collaboratively to keep parents and our community informed about educational issues and school activities. Our School Council meets one Tuesday each month at 6:30 p.m. in the conference room. All parents are welcome to attend. Merivale’s community partners include: Carleton University, and Algonquin College and many employers and partner agencies. We enjoy close relationships with our feeder schools, whereby their students attend our annual musical, concerts, Art Show and athletic days.

Our Leadership Class has partnered with the Viewmount Seniors Residence, spending time with the seniors and providing some recreational programming. In thanks for the partnership, the residence made a donation to the class’ Toy Mountain campaign.  The class also runs our student mentor program (LINK & LINK Ambassadors) and hosts grade 8 feeder school visits.

Mission Statement

Moniti Meliora

“Having been advised, let us pursue better things”

We believe in providing mentoring, advice and guidance to our students. We will lead students to improve themselves and to pursue a better future. We believe in our students!

Facilities and Resources

  • Music facilities with individual practice rooms
  • Drama studio, two arts studios
  • Fully serviced Learning Commons with lendable technology, Resource Centre and printer access
  • Learning Support Centre
  • Two full double gymnasiums, fully equipped exercise/weight room, 2 extensive playing fields and track, a neighbouring hockey arena
  • Renewed Science labs, computer labs, and a nutrition lab
  • State-of-the-art facilities for Transportation, Construction, Communication and Design Programs

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

Merivale delivers a comprehensive program with extensive course offerings in Fine Arts, Athletics, and Technology.

  • Inclusive Learning Support and Student Success Initiatives
  • Rigorous academic programs for all pathways (French Immersion, Workplace, College, and University)
  • Communication and Design Specialist High Skills Major program
  • Award winning Music program 
  • Innovative Technical programs
  • Cooperative Education offering Apprenticeship (OYAP) and Dual Credit programs through Algonquin College
  • Challenging Outdoor Education and Personal Fitness Programs
  • Dynamic Fine Arts Program
  • French Immersion Programs
  • In 2019, authorized as an IBO World School providing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Classroom Organization

Merivale High School offers programming for students in grades 7-12. 

Our Intermediate Program operates on a balanced school day schedule. Students access specialized areas for music, physical education, art and design and technology. 

Our Secondary Program is currently shifting to a concurrent model. Our grade 9 and 10 programs are full-year, with four classes per day that meet every other day. Students in grades 11-12 are scheduled on a semester model with a two-day rotating timetable. The daily schedule consists of four 75-minute classes.  Over the next year, all secondary grades will shift to the concurrent model, with full implementation by 2022. 

Special Education

Special Education programs at Merivale High School are a reflection of our overall school goal to provide extensive support to ensure all students achieve at their highest potential. The learning needs of students are met through Resource Support, Learning Strategies courses, our Student Success Program, ongoing extra help, peer tutoring, homework and reading programs primarily located in “The Zone”.

Clubs and Activities

Merivale students have access to an exceptional range of co-curricular activities:


Merivale High School is fortunate to have many staff advisors to support student interests and clubs. Each year, the school posts a list of clubs and advisors to the school website. Please visit the website to see available clubs for this academic year. 


Merivale High School offers three seasons of athletics for students in a range of sports. Please visit our Athletics page to see which teams are offered for this academic year. 

Safe Schools Initiatives

Code of Behaviour

Our guiding principles are respect for self, respect for others and respect for the learning environment. We will work together to ensure that students learn in a tolerant, positive and supportive environment with a clear focus on learning.  Additionally students are expected to follow the OCDSB guidelines for dress appropriately.  We support positive relationships through programs and clubs such as:

  • LINK Crew Grade 9 Mentoring Program
  • Leadership Development Class
  • Character Development Initiatives
  • Rainbow Nation
  • School Resource Officer
  • First Friday and First Monday
  • Breakfast Program

Achievement and School Improvement Planning

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

  • 52% of our graduates were Ontario Scholars in 2019. (over 80% grade average). Twenty-four graduates were OCDSB Silver Medal Winners (over 90% grade average).
  • Many graduates earned scholarships from Universities and Community Foundations
  • Merivale High School students have consistently excelled in the University of Waterloo Math and Chemistry contests as well as the Open Canadian Mathematics and math league contests.
  • Strong results have been achieved in contests in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and French Public Speaking.

Many students have placed within the top category for major academic contests in mathematics and sciences. Grade 9 EQAO and board wide grade 10 mathematics results indicate the majority of Merivale students are performing at or above the provincial standard.

  • Last year, 97 Merivale students awarded graduate certificates in French Immersion, DELF, SHSM , Inernational Certificate and Fine Arts.


School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

  • Merivale’s School Improvement Plans will align with the District K-12 School Effectiveness Framework and focus on five key areas at all times.
  • School and Classroom Organization: We will establish and maintain a serious and focused learning environment.
  • Curriculum and Teaching and Learning Practices: We will focus on key learning expectations and we will provide personalized assessment and feedback.
  • Intervention & Closing the Gaps: We will provide additional time and support to ensure all students meet with success.
  • Programs and Pathways: We will provide intellectually stimulating instruction for all students and challenge gifted and high achieving students through our Congregated Gifted courses and Enriched courses leading to our Advanced Placement Program.

Home, School, and Community Partnerships: We will collaborate with our parents and the broader community.

Highlights from our Improvement Plan include:

To ensure our grade 9 students have a successful start to their high school years, Merivale High School provides a “LINK Crew” mentoring program for all grade 9 students.  Each grade 9 student is linked to a senior mentor who will provide academic, social and peer mentoring through a leadership course. 

Our Student Success team focuses on improving credit accumulation for grade 9 and 10 students. This is achieved each semester as our Student Success Team collaborates with grade 9 and 10 teachers to intervene with students at risk of losing a credit through credit intervention and credit rescue days. In the instances when a credit is not achieved, the student may be considered for Credit Recovery - a class in which one or multiple credits are recovered in a multiple-discipline classroom setting.

Our primary goal is closing the achievement gap while raising the achievement level of mathematics students, particularly our under-performing students. We will increase the number of students meeting or exceeding the provincial standard, particularly in grades 9 and 10 mathematics courses. Instruction will emphasize process expectations and skills development. Mathematics evaluations will be designed with more choice to suit a variety of learning styles and allow for a differentiated approach to truly reflect the degree to which students are meeting the curriculum expectations and provide ample opportunity for students to monitor their own progress with regard to this. The TIPS4RM materials will be used to deliver the Grade 9 and 10 applied math courses, with this approach to mathematics instruction being used to guide all delivery. Teachers will continue to model the use of technology and innovation in teaching practices, and encourage technology as a tool for developing students’ conceptual understanding. We will continue to offer Math extra-help sessions at lunch and after school. Our senior math students offer tutoring services to younger students as part of our peer mentoring program.

Our Literacy initiatives will be directed to increase overall credit accumulation in grades 9 and 10 Applied English courses.  Specific instructional strategies will focus on high interest, culturally relevant reading materials and culminating tasks which allow students to differentiate products based on their personal learning style. Learning Support Teachers will continue to deliver support and Learning Strategies Courses to assist students in developing individual goals and strategies for success in all subject areas. 

Leadership Recognition

“Leadership in the OCDSB is the demonstration of personal initiative to achieve a positive outcome.”


Promoting student leadership is an integral part of our vision. Students’ Council, Athletic Council, Music Council and Drama Council are examples of student-led organizations that enhance the quality of life at Merivale. Student-run initiatives include holding the “Sports Day - The Girls Way”, Grade 8 boys’ Character Development day, Grade 8 girls’ and boys’ Self-Esteem days to ease the transition from feeder schools to high school. Merivale students in groups, such as Leadership Class, Students’ Council and United Colours, participate in a number of fundraising activities donating thousands of dollars, food and clothing items to charities including: the United Way, the CHEO Telethon, Toy Mountain, Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive, Ottawa Hospital Foundation, Ottawa Food Bank, YMCA-YWCA, Canadian Cancer Society, Harmony House, Juvenile Diabetes and Ryan’s Well Foundation.

In addition to informal recognition on a regular basis, we also acknowledge student contributions in our classrooms, school announcements, newsletters, assemblies, “Character Post Cards”, monthly “Sundae School” meetings, our principal’s report to School Council, our annual Junior Awards Ceremony and our Commencement Ceremony. We consult with Students’ Council on a regular basis when doing long-term planning.


Our staff members have a wealth of professional qualifications including Masters Degrees in Education, Arts, Fine Arts, Physical Education and Sciences, a Law Degree, Bachelor’s Degrees as well as additional qualifications in Special Education, Music, Visual Arts, Guidance, and Computers in Education. Teachers actively participate in numerous District-wide and Provincial professional development. We recognize their initiative by providing and supporting opportunities for further professional growth. We also recognize staff leadership via personal interactions with one another, letters of thanks, school announcements, school newsletters, assemblies, performance appraisals, and our principal’s report to School Council. Our teachers have received numerous recognitions for their contributions, particularly in the Art’s.


Merivale is a school community that thrives on the contributions of parents and volunteers. Through our partnership with the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation, we are able to attract a talented and committed group of volunteers. Our volunteers have contributed over countless hours of support annually in diverse capacities such as coaching, tutoring, library support, working in classrooms (e.g., Special Education and French language support), supervising field trips, and planning school-related events such as career fairs and awards evenings. As invaluable partners, we continue to thank our volunteers on an on-going basis and look for opportunities to acknowledge them through our school announcements, newspaper and our principal’s report to School Council. 


Merivale is surrounded by a supportive business community. A large number of local businesses regularly contribute prizes to support school activities. Local grocery stores and restaurants provide ongoing support for student and staff initiatives. We recognize our community partners through our school announcements, school newsletters, school web-site, principal’s report to School Council, and thank-you cards. We also invite community members to School Council meetings, to student-run initiatives and to awards ceremonies.

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