Social Sciences

The social sciences examine human behaviour, including its causes and consequences, at the individual, societal, cultural, and global levels. The courses in the general social sciences focus on theories and research from the fields of anthropology, psychology, and sociology with the goal of developing students’ understanding of people as individuals and groups and of social institutions. These courses provide the opportunity for students to explore human behaviour, social groups, institutions, and various societies by examining various contemporary issues. In these courses, students develop their awareness of and ability to use social science methodologies and perspectives to examine the causes of and responses to challenges such as technological change and global inequalities.  

HSP3U: Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology,
Grade 11 (University Preparation)

This course provides students with opportunities to think critically about theories, questions, and issues related to anthropology, psychology, and sociology. Students will develop an understanding of the approaches and research methods used by social scientists. They will be given opportunities to explore theories from a variety of perspectives, to conduct social science research, and to become familiar with current thinking on a range of issues within the three disciplines.

Prerequisite: The Grade 10 academic course in English, or the Grade 10 academic history course (Canadian and world studies) 

HSB4U: Challenge and Change in Society,
Grade 12 (University Preparation)

This course focuses on the use of social science theories, perspectives, and methodologies to investigate and explain shifts in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour and their impact on society. Students will critically analyse how and why cultural, social, and behavioural patterns change over time. They will explore the ideas of social theorists and use those ideas to analyse causes of and responses to challenges such as technological change, deviance, and global inequalities. Students will explore ways in which social science research methods can be used to study social change.

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies  
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