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Summer school registration is OPEN!
 If you are interested in attending summer school this year, you MUST complete the OCDSB Reach Ahead Summer School Registration Request Form for Merivale High School July/August 2024

Program duration for in-person and virtual summer school: July 4 - July 26, 2024
Program duration for eLearning:   July 3 - July 31, 2024

Registration dates: April 4 at 12:00 pm - June 17, 2024 by 4:00 pm

For more information, please visit the  Continuing Education Summer School website.

 for 2024-2025 - see the Course selection information for each grade.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENT Community Service Hours information is available on the Merivale High School Student Services Community Service Hours page.
Students are required to earn two online eLearning credits to graduate from secondary school, beginning with every student who entered Grade 9 in the 2020-21 school year.  Parents/guardians may choose to opt their child out of the mandatory online courses required for graduation. For more information about the eLearning Graduation Requirement CLICK HERE to be redirected to the OCDSB website. To Opt Out please complete the OCDSB 992 - OPT OUT Form for Online Learning Graduation Requirement.

Homework Help

Merivale POWER HOUR - after school on Thursdays in Room 128.
Merivale Kick Start - after school on Mondays in Room 124.
Tutoring in-person options:  Homework Club and Literacy and Numeracy Community Support Programs.

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Grade 9

Grade 10

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Grade 12

Merivale Class of 2027

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Merivale Class of 2024

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Grade 9 Students and Parents

Welcome to Merivale High School! We look forward to working with you throughout high school. We will assist you with timetable issues, academic and career planning and programs like exchanges and summer school. We also make referrals to the school social worker, psychologist, and Rideauwood counsellor on a case-by-case basis.

Grade 10 Students and Parents

Stay informed until graduation by joining the Student Services Google classroom.

This is the year you will earn your junior prerequisite courses and should really work on developing great work habits. These will help you as you finish high school and beyond. If you didn't do so last year, try joining a club, volunteering or trying out for a sports team. You can also explore some of the summer programs that are available. These include things like exchanges, coop, and valuable volunteer positions.

Grade 11 Students and Parents

Stay informed until graduation by joining the Student Services Google classroom.

Grade 11 is for exploring all kinds of different courses to see where your interests and strengths lie. This will help you to select the best pathways for you in grade 12. It's also an important time to start investigating post-secondary pathways such as college, university and apprenticeships. Check out their costs too and discuss this with your family. 

You are encouraged to attend any information sessions (usually offered during lunch) by visiting colleges and universities. You may also want to visit open houses on campus or Saturday information sessions. We also encourage all students to connect with their guidance counsellor if they have any questions.

Grade 12 Students and Parents

Post-Secondary information is available on the Merivale Student Services - Post-Secondary website. Information will be updated regularly.
Classroom and Parent presentations will be scheduled for the fall. We encourage all students to connect with their guidance counsellor if they have any questions.

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